Becca X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

Hi Guys

So yet again another limited edition palette has been released and yet again I was first in line to buy it. So Chrissy Teigen teamed up with Becca to create this beautiful limited edition face palette. It has two highlighters, a blush and a bronzer. Three new shades (Hibiscus Bloom, Malibu Soleil & Beach Nectar) and Chrissy’s favourite highlighter Rose Gold.


I hate to admit it, I bought this palette purely because it was a limited edition palette. The reviews I read online were very hit and miss and heavily compared to the Jaclyn Hill palette. In a way yes they are similar but I much prefer this palette.

The packaging is stunning it is a really sturdy slimline rose gold palette with a large mirror. It’s the perfect palette for holidays and for throwing into your handbag. Great for topping up throughout the day.

I have no faults with this palette I love it. I especially love it when i have a tan. I have been reaching for it every time I do my makeup. It is a must have for my collections, I would even consider getting a back up one!

This palette is so pigmented you only have to lightly touch your brush into the product. They are so easy to blend I really love the formula. The highlight shades work best when applied with a larger fluffy brush.

The palette is £45 and is still available on Space NK. (Buy Here)


I absolutely love this palette so much; I feel I will get so much use out of this palette. If you haven’t bought it yet, then I insist you buy it.

AnnMarie xxx





BHCosmetics Shaaanxo palette review

Hi Guys, so eyeshadow reviews seem to be my thing so this is the last one I will be doing for a while. (well until the next eyeshadow palette is released) For some reason I can’t stop buying eyeshadow palettes. I am always drawn to eye palettes I would easily say I have about twenty or more palettes which is actually quite embarrassing when I say it out loud! The worse thing is that every time I do my makeup I pretty much end up with the same look regardless of what palette I use.


I heard about this palette on Shaaanxo’s YouTube channel, I have been following her for a while so of course I was curious when I found out she was releasing a palette with BHCosmetics. I had never used any of their products before. I didn’t even know where I could purchase them in Ireland, so I never went hunting for the palette. One day on one of my usual visits to to see any new products that had landed I came across the palette. (Buy Here) To my excitement I ordered two! One for me and one for my little sister. The shameful thing is the palette has sat in my draws since November! Like come on AnnMarie this is just shameful. So I pulled it out a couple of months ago and started to play around with it. Oh I forgot to mention the palette is currently €22 on Beauty Bay you get nine eyeshadows and nine lipsticks. This works out at around €1.22 per pan of product.

When I first swatched the palette I have to admit I wasn’t blown away it was pretty standard in fact some of them felt really chalky, I just wasn’t sold at all. So to my disappointment I thought I had wasted yet more money. But to my surprise these shadows go on the eye beautifully.

The shadows blend really well, by themselves and with other shades. The middle shade on the top row of eyeshadows is an amazing colour. It is so shiny and gorgeous as a brow and inner corner highlight. What I love most is the shine doesn’t fade throughout the day this shade would also be stunning as a skin highlight as well. The majority of the shadows had zero fallout but some of the darker shimmers do but that isn’t the end of the world. Just tap your brush really well before applying the shades or leave your base until you are finished the eyes.

I used the shadows with an eyeshadow base as I have really oily eyelids. The shadows lasted all day with the colour intensity staying the same. My shadow was still perfect at the end of the day. So shameful to have to wash it off!

This is a brilliant little palette so perfect for day to day use and you could easily deepen any daytime look up if you were heading out. It has a really nice selection of colours so you could defiantly so plenty of different looks. I can easily see myself reaching for this palette on a day to day basics. Well the days I reach for makeup!

The palette also has nine lipsticks, now this is where the review is going to get negative. Personally for me these are a total miss. I view them as a thick, pigmented, creamy gloss. They almost feel heavy on the lips. I think my eighteen-year-old self would have used them loads but my twenty-nine-year-old makeup snob self isn’t interested. I they felt that heavy and sticky on the lips I couldn’t even wear them for a little while. Which is so disappointing because I love the shadows so much.

This is defiantly a palette worth buying even if is just for the eyeshadows, I think the palette is well suited for everyone and you would get lots of use out of it. The packaging is very sturdy as well, I let the palette fall and not even a crumb of shadow came out of the pans.

I am now of course really curious about more BHCosmetics, so please leave any recommendations in the comments.

Hope you are all having a fantastic day 🙂

AnnMarie xxx


Review: The Vamp Stamp

Hi guys welcome back; I am coming at you today with a review for an eye liner stamp called The Vamp Stamp. What pops into your head when you hear the name!


So like a lot of people I struggle with eyeliner on myself, I have a very hooded eye to the point you cannot see any of my lid when my eyes are open. This is the hardest eye shape to have when it comes to sharing my pictures for reviews as I just can’t show off my eyeshadow looks and product reviews as I would like to. So I defiantly struggle to do eye liner on myself that doesn’t pull my eyes downwards, so I normally tend to not wing out my line.


I came across this tool on and was pretty curious, anything to help get that perfect flick. The stamp costs £22.50 stg. There is a medium and a large size to choose from. I bought the medium. The vamp stamp is a little tool with a rubber stamp either end, one for the left eye and one for the right. (Buy Here)

So the idea is that you coat the stamp with your liner, line it up to the corner of your eye and stamp the perfect wing. Then you need to go in free handed to do the rest of your line.

I first tried the stamp with my inglot gel liner but that was a total fail, between me having it positioned wrong and the liner drying before I done my flick it was a hot mess. I then went in with a liquid liner and this transferred onto my skin better but again I struggled with the position. So I took my wing off as there was absolutely no saving my liner and started again. This time it went on better but still it was the whole thing of connecting my wing to my liner. I just felt it ended up to thick for my personal preference.


So do I find this tool is an easier option for winged eyeliner? No. It just doesn’t work for my eye shape at all, I think for my eye shape I will stick to my normal way of doing eyeliner. But I do think this would be perfect for someone who doesn’t have a hooded eye. I love the idea of the product but it just isn’t for me.

From looking through the reviews on the website it is defiantly a hit or miss product I think you will either love it or hate there doesn’t seem to be an in between.

Have you tried the Vamp Stamp or anything similar, or do you have any tips for applying the perfect liner on yourself, then feel free to share.

AnnMarie xxx


PLouise Master Class

Hi Guys welcome back I wanted to tell you about my little babyfree day away to meet the amazing PLouise.


So last weekend I had a little adventure up to Dublin to see the amazing PLouise in action. Boy was it worth the 5am wakeup call!

So for those of you that don’t know who PLouise is, she is an incredible self-thought makeup artist she is 24 years old and has built her own little empire. PLouise has an incredible and unique technique to teach, the results are pure perfection and long lasting makeup for every single client.


So the masterclass was held at The Makeup Bar in Temple Bar so really easy to get to. Two masterclasses were held at £100 per session. I decided to book in for both seeing as I made the two-hour journey up. The class itself was very small I think around ten people, PLouise wanted to cap the numbers in each class as she wanted the people attending to get the most out of the session. So it was nice and intimate you could ask as many questions as you pleased, get up and look closer at what her and her colleague Abie were doing. She strongly encouraged photos in fact she actually stopped between steps took all our phones to take photos. I went to the class by myself and was quite nervous I would feel really awkward, I suffer with anxiety and mostly get anxious in social situations. But I had absolutely nothing to be worried about PLouise spoke to us all as if she has known us her whole life, the atmosphere was so relaxed. I really enjoyed myself so much and learned so much. The class was so informal but the amount of information we received was great. She also passed around all her favourite products for us to swatch or take product names.


PLouise’s makeup style is mostly heavy glam, so heavy eyes, a flawless base. Her technique ensures you get that perfect eye look every time. She never edits a photo, all her photos on her Instagram account are taken on her IPhone. She also only believes in using minimal products in her kit as a makeup artist I found this really interesting and has defiantly got me thinking about my kit and my ever growing collection.

She uses a tapping technique to apply her liquids, she never sets her foundation or concealer with a powder. She believes that by tapping the product into the skin sets the product into place and will last all day and night if wanted. When it comes to doing the eyes she mostly uses MAC blushes to create her looks for a few reasons 1. You get a tonne more product for your money 2. They blend so much easier than eye shadows.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were told about all her must have products all mostly MAC so of course a trip was had to MAC before I went home. As well as a few sneaky online purchases. 


Some of her must haves are……….

MAC select cover up concealer in shade NW15 and NW20 (Buy Here)

MAC studio fix fluid but she only uses NC shades (Buy Here)

MAC 242 brush (Buy Here)

Mac 252 brush (Buy Here)

Beau Belle Rose gold arched powder brush (Buy Here)

Illamasqua ‘Beyond’ highlighter OMG (Buy Here)

I highly recommend going to one of her classes if you ever get the chance, I will for sure be trying to get to her Academy for a one to one lesson. This woman has an incredible talent and has such an easy going way of teaching. I am really looking forward to meeting her again and learning more.

Checkout her website and Social Media below




 Hope you enjoyed reading chat really soon 🙂

AnnMarie xxx





Hi Guys

This is a double whammy of a review. I have both palettes from SOSU. SOSU has two palettes, the Complete Contour Palette and the Highlighter kit. Both palettes retail for €29.95 and are very easy to get hold of. I got mine in my local pharmacy.

So let’s start with the contour palette….


The palette is a sleek black palette. The palette doesn’t have a mirror but instead has instructions on how to use the products in the palette. The palette has 6 shades.

Shade 1 is a cream highlighter

Shade 2 is a cream contour

Shade 3 is a powder setting highlighting powder

Shade 4 is a cream contour

Shade 5 is an iridescent highlighter

Shade 6 is a contour powder


So I am a paled skin girl in MAC terms I am normally an NW15 in foundation. So straight of I knew this palette was not going to suit me. The cream shade 1 is too dark to highlight and shade 2 and 3 are far too warm for me to contour with. So for me these shades could never be used to contour with even if I were to wear false tan. I can use shade 2 to bronze when I have false tan on. The product is very soft; you only need to touch the product lightly with your brush. I applied far too much but it blended out so well. Shade 3 is a really nice powder for setting the under eye area it goes on really smoothly. Shade 5 is a really nice cream highlight it has a beautiful golden glow. My favourite product in the palette is shade 6 the contour powder. This powder is beautiful for contouring it blends really smoothly.

I think this palette is defiantly a marmite palette you either love it or you hate it! For me this palette is such a miss, it is one palette I know I will never reach for. I will defiantly be passing this on.

So let’s move onto the star of the collection….


Next up is the Highlighter Kit, this palette feels and looks a hell of a lot more expensive than €29.95. It is a really nice sleek white palette with a nice big mirror. The palette has six highlighters. Three of the shades are baked. The colours are really wearable. The three top shades Melted Gold, Moon Sparkle and Shooting Star are so smooth and buttery. The formulas of these are gorgeous, they apply so smoothly and look stunning on the skin.

The three baked shades Unicorn Dust, Peach Smoothie and Candy Crush. These are a lot more intense with a lot more shimmer. But these are as beautiful and as easy to apply as the powders on the top row.


The quality of the palette itself is very comparable to the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. This palette is defiantly a keeper for me, I am obsessed with highlighters at the moment so this stunning palette is a much welcomed palette to my collection.

Out of both of these palettes I defiantly think you need the highlight kit.

Hope you found this review useful. Let me know if you use either of these palettes and what you think.

AnnMarie xx



Hi guys

I can’t tell you how long I have had this palette waiting for me to try. It gets so much love online so of course I was curious. I will just start off by saying that the Blank Canvas brushes are fantastic and such good value for money. They are defiently some of my favourite brushes.


So let’s get started. The palette itself is really sturdy it has a mirror which is a really good size, the palette also comes with a brush. The palette costs €34.99. I bought mine when they had their 30% sale in the New Year. The palette has twelve shadows all warm tones eleven shades are matte and one shimmer which is Goddess. It is a very usable palette and I think plenty of people would get lots of use from it.

So as you can see from the swatches all the colours aren’t crazy pigmented (not always a bad thing), some are really smooth but others are gritty and dry in texture. The shadows also have a bit of fallout so be sure to tap your brush before touching your eyes. I’d say you would be better of leaving your base until after your eyes are done just to leave the clean up easier.

The eyeshadows are really easy to blend. All the colours work well together so no trying to figure out what shades go together. You can create effortless day time looks and then easily smoke it up for a night out. A great palette to bring you from day to night. The shadows last really well I have super oily eyelids so I used my normal eye primers. I have had absolute zero creasing at the end of the day anytime I wore these eyeshadows.


So as I have been putting my makeup kit together the last couple of months the main question I have been asking myself when trying new makeup is it kit worthy? For me I don’t think I will be adding this to my kit for me personally the fallout is just a little too much for clients. I will definitely keep it in my own personal collection though. It’s a great day to day palette when you don’t want to think too much about your makeup look.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post and the little videos.

AnnMarie xx



Hi Guys if you are like me you are always on the hunt for the next best product. I love trying new makeup and I especially love trying blushes. I am actually pretty fussy when it comes to blush and normally reach between the same few from my collection. I am definitely a blush lover; my makeup is never complete without blush.

I have to admit that I have never really been drawn to the Benefit blushes but when I seen the press release for GALifonia I knew I had to have it. Between the packaging and the colour it was love at first sight!


I ordered mine from Brown Thomas and it cost €34. The blush is a beautiful peach pink colour with a gold coating. The gold coating comes off after your first use and leaves behind a beautiful colour. The blush itself is pretty pigmented but blends really nicely. For me personally this blush works better with a big fluffy blush rather than a smaller brush. The finish of the blush is more of a sheen finish it isn’t matte but it isn’t shiny either, it leaves your skin looking really nice and healthy looking. This colour will work on so many skin tones, I’ve worn it with and without tan, I have loved it with every makeup look I’ve worn it.

The packaging is just adorable; I am such a magpie I can’t help but buy products in pretty packaging. I am a dream customer! The packaging seems really sturdy it should withhold your holiday makeup bag. It also has a small mirror in the lid which isn’t really necessary. The blush also comes with a cute little brush which I haven’t tried but would be handy for when you are out and about.


Am I selling it to you yet? Well I do have one pretty big negative about the product and that is the scent, it is so strong and I have to admit I hate it. It is such an overpowering scent for a product. The scent is pink grapefruit and vanilla. I personally love the scent of vanilla but I can’t smell any vanilla. But I love the colour and the finish so much I can get over the smell, I just have to hold the box away from me when dipping my brush in!

So my conclusion is this is absolutely the perfect summer blush. Do you have a perfect summer blush you pull out when the weather starts to heat up? Let me know yours I am always on the hunt for the perfect blush!

AnnMarie xxx