About Me

Welcome to Turbet Beauty, here is where I share my love for makeup. My name is AnnMarie and I am a makeup addict. I am a makeup artist in Cavan, I have just opened my studio in Belturbet. I still can’t believe it, I’m delighted with how everything is coming together.

I am an Itec accredited Makeup Artist I am available for occasion makeup, Lessons, larger parties as well as wedding parties. I also offer Nails and Pedicures in the studio.

I first trained in makeup back in 2012 with The Makeup Crew, in 2017 I made the decision to go back to retrain and get my Itec certificate again I headed back to The Makeup Crew. I am in the middle of studying to become an Itec accredited tutor. I am also an Itec accredited Nail Technician I trained way back in 2010 in Portobello.

Outside makeup I am a mum to two little girls who are my absolute world. Life is busy for myself and my husband running businesses and raising our little monkeys but totally worth every wrinkle! For me I don’t think of makeup as a job it is more of an escape for me, I suffer a little with anxiety but once I get a makeup brush into my hand it just disappears for me makeup is my therapy I love it. I love how it can make people just love themselves a little bit more and can give that confidence that so many of us lack.


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