Have I found my HERO? (Brush)

Hi Guys

So today I want to talk about a new brush that claims to be a hero brush. One minute I’m rushing through the airport to catch a flight the next thing you know I am standing looking at the Ciara Daly brush range.


I’ve seen the My Hero Brush floating around Snapchat and was curious to try it. It has been hailed as the ultimate makeup brush.

So is it the ULTIMATE makeup brush?

The brush is a short handled large kabuki foundation brush. It is probably one of the largest foundation brushes I think I have used.

So you dot the foundation onto your face and blend in circular motion. It gives a really smooth and quick blend. A brilliant brush for bringing foundation down the neck and chest if needed. The blend this brush gives is so nice it leaves zero streak marks and gives a really even blend. I would easily say its one of the best foundation brushes I have used I’ve even ditched my beauty blender since getting it. It is available on the Ciara Daly website (Buy Here) and costs £25 stg. It is pricey but it is totally worth it I would even think of buying more and adding them to my brush kit.

Now of course I have a few cons with this brush…. It is impossible to clean, it takes time and patients to get every last bit of foundation out of it. It also wastes foundation but by doing this it also doesn’t apply to much product to your face so I can forgive that plus it is no worse than the beauty blender!

So the name is right it is defiantly The Hero Brush. As a busy mum of two little girls this brush cuts my makeup time down so much it is the quickest foundation brush around…

Do you have a hero brush? I’d love to hear…

AnnMarie xxx


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