Hi Guys I got the opportunity to work at The Wedding and Honeymoon show last weekend and wanted to share my experience with you.

(All the models ready for show time)   (Kristen my stunning model)

As part of my course with The Makeup Crew we get offered work experience. The Makeup Crew and their students do the makeup backstage at The Wedding and Honeymoon show. The show is on over two days with two fashion shows each day.

Back stage we had six models, the presenter (Andrea Hayes) and the two mother of the brides that get picked out for a makeover during the show.

On the Saturday I worked on a stunning model called Kristen. She was so nice and even though she doesn’t know it she kept me so calm and relaxed. After I finished up with my model I headed out to The Makeup Bars stand. Here I spoke to lots of future brides about their makeup and hair needs for their big day. From here I had the perfect view for the catwalk show, the show is such a fun energetic show. And of course I got to see the makeup I done in all its glory! To say I was delighted with how it turned out would be an understatement. I was so happy with myself that there and then I developed so much confidence in my makeup skill. Just before the next show kicked off it was time to head backstage and do the touch ups. This included some powder, a top up of blush and a lip top-up. I spent the rest of the day on the stand taking details from potential clients. It was great speaking to all the future brides and some grooms about their needs answering any beauty questions they had. You don’t realise until you start talking how much you actually know about beauty and makeup.

Sunday morning started the same I arrived at the RDS meet up with my makeup friends and got set up backstage. To my delight Kristen came and sat in my chair Sunday morning. I had so much fun just chatting to her and the other girls around us while applying her makeup. Today I got to do quite a few makeups to my delight. The next lovely lady to sit in my chair was Andrea Hayes she was the presenter of the show on the day. She is one of the most genuine women I have met I was quite nervous when i first started her makeup but I had nothing to be worried about she is such a lady. Once the show started I had another lady sit in my chair to get a quick face on she was heading out on stage to pick the lucky mother to receive a makeover. Then arrived in the beautiful mother of the bride. I got to experience having to work under pressure and needing to be quick. I really enjoyed being backstage during the show watching the hustle and the bustle of the models having to change quickly. The buzz was just infectious everyone one of us just went with the flow and really enjoyed the weekend.


(Pictures taken from the WED.IE Facebook page)

The experience was so great and really helped boost my confidence. As someone who suffers with anxiety I was so nervous the first morning heading up to the show but amazingly it just settled once I get that makeup brush in my hand. When I first trained five years ago I didn’t even dream about doing the show this time around I didn’t think twice about it.

(Pictures taken from the WED.IE Facebook page)

Guys if you ever get the opportunity to do this show or any other then do it, it was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence. Also the feeling of pride when you see the photos pop up on WED.IE Facebook page of your work is something else.


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