How I Remove My Fake Tan

Hi Guys it has been a minute and a half since I last up dated my blog life has been busy busy…

Today I thought I would share with you all how I remove my fake tan, if you are like me and still need to wear fake tan during the summer then you need to try this miracle product I have discovered on one of my random walk arounds Boots. and that product is The Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser (Buy Here)

My skin can be pretty sensitive so I was a little worried using it at first, one thing I will say now is if you have any broken skin it will irritate it. I have eczema on my hands which can get very red and a little sore after applying the product but it doesn’t cause it to get any worse I just make sure to apply loads of cream afterwards.


So what you need

  • Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser
  • Tan Eraser Mitt
  • Face Clothe

How I Remove My Tan

  • Apply the tan eraser everywhere you need to scrub your tan off
  • Apply a generous layer
  • Turn on a YouTube video and stand awkwardly in your bathroom naked!
  • I tend to leave it on for around ten minutes
  • After ten minutes I use a wet tan eraser mitt and gently rub in circular motions to life some of the tan. I don’t rub the skin too hard as I find the mitt very rough and it can make my skin very red
  • I then get into the shower with a face cloth and rub the rest of my tan off. Again in circular motions. I don’t stand directly under the shower (I don’t want to wash all the product away before I rub it off) until I can wash the whole tan off with my face cloth
  • Then have your shower as normal!




Afterwards your skin is completely tan free and ready for your next application. This is also a great body exfoliation; your skin will feel so smooth afterwards.

I have already gone through a full bottle of this and have a new bottle ready to go.


I would love to hear about your favourite tans and how you remove yours?

Talk soon guys AnnMarie xxx


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