My Makeup Retraining Journey Part 1

Hi Guys

I am now on week 4 with The Makeup Crew, the course is 16 weeks long so we are moving through rightly.

So the dress code for the college is all black with no colour. We received t-shirts and hoodies to wear as well which have the college logo on them. I am not an all-black clothes person so ended up having an online shopping session to add black bits to my wardrobe. It actually feels nice making an effort during the week, with two small babies I normally end up in jeans, a tshirt and trainers and if im lucky they don’t have little paw prints!

Week 1 was nothing to exciting on the Tuesday we just had our induction so we went through what to expect throughout the course. We received our dates for our photoshoot and exams as well. We were given a look book with different looks to wear every week, so from week 3 the looks started.

On the Wednesday again wasn’t anything too major we didn’t do any makeup this week it was more about easing us in and again just talking about what to expect and getting to know all the lovely girls. We chatted about fashion and how fashion and makeup go together, about how different trends come and go. Then after lunch we moved onto mood boards, these are boards of inspiration that we need to create for our finial portfolio.


To finish of the class we had a demo of a double cleanse routine and then had to practice on each other. Which needs to be perfected over the next few weeks, it is part of our practical exams and needs to be completed in seven minutes!

Week 2 was a bust I ended up in my bed sick so sadly had to miss out on all the makeup fun 😦


Week 3 Tuesday started with a small exam on the skin and I was not at all prepared for it, I had the notes on my phone but just couldn’t process the information after missing the class the week before. But that’s ok because at least it will help me push myself a little harder the next time. We spent the morning going through skin care ingredients and how to choose the right product for different skin types. We finished the morning session with a double cleanse and a skin analyse. Which went great. I feel really comfortable doing the cleanse now so I just need to speed up now!

In the afternoon the tutor done a demonstration for a smoky eye and then we get to practice on each other while Lauren the tutor goes around helping, giving advice on how to improve our skills.

Wednesday started off with a demonstration on how to apply the perfect red lip, so Annie gave us loads of tips and tricks to use on our clients to create a really Sharpe lip line. We then paired up and had a go oursleves. We then moved onto theory and went through the different decades of makeup. So much information to take in in such a short period of time. I’m so glad I own the book Annie was reading from because I honestly don’t think I would be able to read back on my messy notes.

In the afternoon we concentrated on face charts, face charts are used to plan out a look, planning what products to use, what colours to put together. These are used back stage at fashion shows normally created by the head makeup artist so that everyone knows exatly what to do and what products to use. Again we need a face chart for each look in our finial portfolio. Face charts are so much harder than they look, I still struggle with them and I’ve done them before for my old portfolio. But practice makes perfect! To finish off we once again done a cleanse on each other.


Oh I also received my kit this week so I will defiantly have that up really soon. I also want to do a post on what I actually use in my professional kit.

I’m really glad I made the decision to retrain I am enjoying it so much this time compared to the first time round, the people are just amazing and so talented. I’m looking forward to seeing the end result for us all.

Next week I hope I actually have some beautiful faces to show you guys as of yet I still haven’t got to paint a face in class yet but this week is the week. I HOPE!

Thanks for reading guys talk soon x

AnnMarie xxx




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