BHCosmetics Shaaanxo palette review

Hi Guys, so eyeshadow reviews seem to be my thing so this is the last one I will be doing for a while. (well until the next eyeshadow palette is released) For some reason I can’t stop buying eyeshadow palettes. I am always drawn to eye palettes I would easily say I have about twenty or more palettes which is actually quite embarrassing when I say it out loud! The worse thing is that every time I do my makeup I pretty much end up with the same look regardless of what palette I use.


I heard about this palette on Shaaanxo’s YouTube channel, I have been following her for a while so of course I was curious when I found out she was releasing a palette with BHCosmetics. I had never used any of their products before. I didn’t even know where I could purchase them in Ireland, so I never went hunting for the palette. One day on one of my usual visits to to see any new products that had landed I came across the palette. (Buy Here) To my excitement I ordered two! One for me and one for my little sister. The shameful thing is the palette has sat in my draws since November! Like come on AnnMarie this is just shameful. So I pulled it out a couple of months ago and started to play around with it. Oh I forgot to mention the palette is currently €22 on Beauty Bay you get nine eyeshadows and nine lipsticks. This works out at around €1.22 per pan of product.

When I first swatched the palette I have to admit I wasn’t blown away it was pretty standard in fact some of them felt really chalky, I just wasn’t sold at all. So to my disappointment I thought I had wasted yet more money. But to my surprise these shadows go on the eye beautifully.

The shadows blend really well, by themselves and with other shades. The middle shade on the top row of eyeshadows is an amazing colour. It is so shiny and gorgeous as a brow and inner corner highlight. What I love most is the shine doesn’t fade throughout the day this shade would also be stunning as a skin highlight as well. The majority of the shadows had zero fallout but some of the darker shimmers do but that isn’t the end of the world. Just tap your brush really well before applying the shades or leave your base until you are finished the eyes.

I used the shadows with an eyeshadow base as I have really oily eyelids. The shadows lasted all day with the colour intensity staying the same. My shadow was still perfect at the end of the day. So shameful to have to wash it off!

This is a brilliant little palette so perfect for day to day use and you could easily deepen any daytime look up if you were heading out. It has a really nice selection of colours so you could defiantly so plenty of different looks. I can easily see myself reaching for this palette on a day to day basics. Well the days I reach for makeup!

The palette also has nine lipsticks, now this is where the review is going to get negative. Personally for me these are a total miss. I view them as a thick, pigmented, creamy gloss. They almost feel heavy on the lips. I think my eighteen-year-old self would have used them loads but my twenty-nine-year-old makeup snob self isn’t interested. I they felt that heavy and sticky on the lips I couldn’t even wear them for a little while. Which is so disappointing because I love the shadows so much.

This is defiantly a palette worth buying even if is just for the eyeshadows, I think the palette is well suited for everyone and you would get lots of use out of it. The packaging is very sturdy as well, I let the palette fall and not even a crumb of shadow came out of the pans.

I am now of course really curious about more BHCosmetics, so please leave any recommendations in the comments.

Hope you are all having a fantastic day 🙂

AnnMarie xxx



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