Review: The Vamp Stamp

Hi guys welcome back; I am coming at you today with a review for an eye liner stamp called The Vamp Stamp. What pops into your head when you hear the name!


So like a lot of people I struggle with eyeliner on myself, I have a very hooded eye to the point you cannot see any of my lid when my eyes are open. This is the hardest eye shape to have when it comes to sharing my pictures for reviews as I just can’t show off my eyeshadow looks and product reviews as I would like to. So I defiantly struggle to do eye liner on myself that doesn’t pull my eyes downwards, so I normally tend to not wing out my line.


I came across this tool on and was pretty curious, anything to help get that perfect flick. The stamp costs £22.50 stg. There is a medium and a large size to choose from. I bought the medium. The vamp stamp is a little tool with a rubber stamp either end, one for the left eye and one for the right. (Buy Here)

So the idea is that you coat the stamp with your liner, line it up to the corner of your eye and stamp the perfect wing. Then you need to go in free handed to do the rest of your line.

I first tried the stamp with my inglot gel liner but that was a total fail, between me having it positioned wrong and the liner drying before I done my flick it was a hot mess. I then went in with a liquid liner and this transferred onto my skin better but again I struggled with the position. So I took my wing off as there was absolutely no saving my liner and started again. This time it went on better but still it was the whole thing of connecting my wing to my liner. I just felt it ended up to thick for my personal preference.


So do I find this tool is an easier option for winged eyeliner? No. It just doesn’t work for my eye shape at all, I think for my eye shape I will stick to my normal way of doing eyeliner. But I do think this would be perfect for someone who doesn’t have a hooded eye. I love the idea of the product but it just isn’t for me.

From looking through the reviews on the website it is defiantly a hit or miss product I think you will either love it or hate there doesn’t seem to be an in between.

Have you tried the Vamp Stamp or anything similar, or do you have any tips for applying the perfect liner on yourself, then feel free to share.

AnnMarie xxx



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