PLouise Master Class

Hi Guys welcome back I wanted to tell you about my little babyfree day away to meet the amazing PLouise.


So last weekend I had a little adventure up to Dublin to see the amazing PLouise in action. Boy was it worth the 5am wakeup call!

So for those of you that don’t know who PLouise is, she is an incredible self-thought makeup artist she is 24 years old and has built her own little empire. PLouise has an incredible and unique technique to teach, the results are pure perfection and long lasting makeup for every single client.


So the masterclass was held at The Makeup Bar in Temple Bar so really easy to get to. Two masterclasses were held at £100 per session. I decided to book in for both seeing as I made the two-hour journey up. The class itself was very small I think around ten people, PLouise wanted to cap the numbers in each class as she wanted the people attending to get the most out of the session. So it was nice and intimate you could ask as many questions as you pleased, get up and look closer at what her and her colleague Abie were doing. She strongly encouraged photos in fact she actually stopped between steps took all our phones to take photos. I went to the class by myself and was quite nervous I would feel really awkward, I suffer with anxiety and mostly get anxious in social situations. But I had absolutely nothing to be worried about PLouise spoke to us all as if she has known us her whole life, the atmosphere was so relaxed. I really enjoyed myself so much and learned so much. The class was so informal but the amount of information we received was great. She also passed around all her favourite products for us to swatch or take product names.


PLouise’s makeup style is mostly heavy glam, so heavy eyes, a flawless base. Her technique ensures you get that perfect eye look every time. She never edits a photo, all her photos on her Instagram account are taken on her IPhone. She also only believes in using minimal products in her kit as a makeup artist I found this really interesting and has defiantly got me thinking about my kit and my ever growing collection.

She uses a tapping technique to apply her liquids, she never sets her foundation or concealer with a powder. She believes that by tapping the product into the skin sets the product into place and will last all day and night if wanted. When it comes to doing the eyes she mostly uses MAC blushes to create her looks for a few reasons 1. You get a tonne more product for your money 2. They blend so much easier than eye shadows.

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We were told about all her must have products all mostly MAC so of course a trip was had to MAC before I went home. As well as a few sneaky online purchases. 


Some of her must haves are……….

MAC select cover up concealer in shade NW15 and NW20 (Buy Here)

MAC studio fix fluid but she only uses NC shades (Buy Here)

MAC 242 brush (Buy Here)

Mac 252 brush (Buy Here)

Beau Belle Rose gold arched powder brush (Buy Here)

Illamasqua ‘Beyond’ highlighter OMG (Buy Here)

I highly recommend going to one of her classes if you ever get the chance, I will for sure be trying to get to her Academy for a one to one lesson. This woman has an incredible talent and has such an easy going way of teaching. I am really looking forward to meeting her again and learning more.

Checkout her website and Social Media below




 Hope you enjoyed reading chat really soon 🙂

AnnMarie xxx





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