Review: Nima Makeup Brushes

Hi Guy, I picked up some Nima brushes at the Beauty Show last month and have finally got round to playing with them.

I bought four single brushes and the build it up eye set. The four single brushes I bought were the Blaithin, Terrie and two Wendy. I had picked up another one but was given two of the Wendy by mistake. In total I paid €100 for everything and normally they retail at €129. The girls on the day were so friendly definitely the friendliest stand I visited on the day. I was served by Ali who was so bubbly and genuine.


All the brushes are a gorgeous duck egg green, so stand out from a lot of their competition. Nima Brushes are an Irish company created my Makeup Artist Niamh Martin.

These brushes are such nice quality; they are so soft. I have really enjoyed adding them to my brush collection.

So let’s start with the Build it up eye set, in this set you get eight brushes in a leather wallet style case. This brush set has everything you need for perfecting any eye look. In the set you get the following brushes.


Belle – This is a nice big fluffy blending brush, great for applying your transition colour and perfecting your blend.

Loni – This is a smaller blending brush for more detailed work in the crease.

Selfie – A small detailed blending brush perfect for adding depth to your crease and blending shadow on the lower lash line.

Harrie – I really like this brush for adding colour to the eyelid, It’s a really nice shape for highlighting the brow bone.

Bertie – This is a nice pencil brush one of the softest pencil brushes I have used.

Dale – A nice small brush to smudge shadow or even eyeliner.

Harvey – Good for applying your inner corner highlight.

Mise – The eyebrow brush, this is my least favourite brush I find it hard to get a nice crisp brow.


This set is a perfect set for anyone. They are such good quality a perfect addition to a makeup artist kit. The set retails for €65 which works at around €8 a brush.

The three singles I got were,

Terrie – This brush isn’t available on the website but it is a small foundation buffing brush. It is my new favourite brush, I use it to apply primer and then to apply my foundation, if buffs the foundation really nicely but it does take time since the brush is so small. I am really hoping this brush will become available again because I will definitely be buying some more.

Blaithin – A lovely tapered fluffy brush nice for applying blush and powder.

Wendy – I really like this brush for contouring, it is a really good shape to apply and blend your contour powder.


Have you used any other of these brushes? I would love to try some more so send your recommendations my way.

AnnMarie xxx



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