Review: BPerfect Tan

Hi guys today I am reviewing a new tan not something I have done before but this particular one has been getting so much love I just had to see if it’s worth the hype.

Of course I’m talking about the BPerfect tan, I bought the coconut scent. First things first are I can’t believe the price of the tan it’s nearly €28 a bottle so I have to admit I had very high expectations for this product.


The tan is packaged in a black spray bottle. The bottle has very few directions or information, which I found very disappointing. I even found their website to have very little product information. The directions on the bottle say to use after you shower and before applying moisturiser. It also says tan should be sprayed onto a tan mitt.

So I done just that I had a shower and didn’t moisturise afterwards. I applied the tan before bed. I used the BPerfect mitt which is a black velvet texture mitt. It felt really nice to use and applied the tan evenly. I laid a towel out just in case the tan sprayed over my bedsheets when applying and I am glad I did the towel had a lot of excess tan from spraying onto the mitt.

(My milk bottles before!)                (One layer on my left leg)

The application of the tan was so easy; it is definitely one of the easier tans to apply. It applies in colour which leaves it super easy to apply. It went on really evenly, I looked golden straight away. I applied one coat from head to toe left it to dry for about ten minutes and applied a second coat. The second coat went on just as well as the first, it didn’t move the product already on my skin while applying the second coat.


(Two layers on my left leg, the colour is just beautiful)

Again I let myself dry popped on my jammies and jumped into bed with my nice white bedsheets. (The Ultimate test!) The smell of coconut didn’t last too long and was soon replaced with the scent of fake tan. Although it is nowhere near as strong as other tans I have used there is definitely a tan scent. My husband is always the test of whether or not my tan smells, so when I asked him he said he could definitely smell it but it wasn’t the worse! The tan didn’t transfer to my jammies or my bedclothes which was a nice surprise.

I showered the next morning to see if much excess tan would wash off. Which it did, I wasn’t as dark after my shower but I was really happy with the shade it turned out. After my shower I applied loads of moisturiser to put a bit of life back into my skin.

I am on day three of the tan and it still looks perfect. I’m very impressed.

The tan is so quick and easy to use. I am very impressed and will definitely be trying it again next weekend. It was a nice change not to wake up with tan all over my bedclothes and jammies.


(The finished product!! I have dry patches on my knees….)

I will say though if you have any dry patches of skin at all it will cling to them which you can see on my knees. I have particularly dry skin on my body and really should of exfoliated well the night before.

It’s definitely worth the hype in my opinion. Have you tried this tan or the watermelon one? I’d love to hear your opinion.

AnnMarie xx


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