How I clean my makeup brushes

Hi Guys,

I’m back today to talk about how I clean my makeup brushes.

Cleaning my brushes has to be my most hated job! I always let my brushes build up before I clean them rather than just picking a day every week to clean them. Nope that would be to easy! I don’t think I need to tell you why it is so important to clean your brushes on a regular basics.


I clean my brushes a few different ways.

I use my Style Pro to clean my eyeshadow brushes and a solid soap and a cleaning glove for my face brushes. I know I know how high maintenance am I. The reason I do it this way is because I bought the Style Pro and want to get some use out of it. If I were to clean all my brushes with the Style Pro it would end up costing me a small fortune in brush cleaner. I also get great satisfaction from seeing my brushes lather up when washing them.IMG_5046

How I use my Style Pro.

I use MAC brush cleaner with my Style Pro, not the cheapest one out there but as far as I’m concerned it is the best brush cleaner out there. I have tried using shampoo and water in the bowl but I didn’t like it.

The Style Pro is great because your brushes are clean and dry within a minute so great if you need a brush right now or even to use in-between clients. It is super handy being able to clean my brushes and put them away all in the same sitting.

  1. Add brush cleaner to the bowl, add enough to cover the bristles on the brush
  2. Choose one of the rubber attachments to fit your brush, the brush should fit tightly. If the brush is loose your brush will fall off while cleaning the brush
  3. Dip your brush in first to wet the brush
  4. Switch on the Style Pro and dip your brush in and out of the solution. I count to 30 when doing this
  5. Life the brush out of the solution and spin dry, I count to five
  6. Your brush is ready to use

How I hand wash my brushes

I prefer to clean my larger brushes using a cleaning glove and shampoo. I prefer this way because I feel the brushes get a really good deep clean. Just be sure to give your brushes plenty of time to dry. I like to lay them on a clean towel and leave them over night.

For cleaning my brushes, I use a cleaning glove and the Blank Canvas solid soap (Buy here). I’m really enjoying using this at the moment and find it so easy to use. Here is what I do.

  1. Wet your brush in warm water
  2. Rub the wet brush into the solid cleaner
  3. Using the face side of the glove swirl the brush around the different textures of the glove to create a foam
  4. Rinse the brush, insuring all the soap is gone
  5. Squeeze any excess water from the brush
  6. Shape the brush and lay flat on a clean towel
  7. For some of my brushes I like to use brush guards to help keep the shape

The cleaning glove is one of the best things I have used for cleaning my brushes, I bought this one in my local pharmacy for €9.50 what a bargain. They don’t have a website but here is their Facebook page.


How do you clean your brushes? Do you think the Style Pro is worth the hype?

AnnMarie xx


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