Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette Review

Hey Guys,

Let’s talk about the Kylie Burgundy eyeshadow palette and see if it’s worth the hype…

I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to buy this palette that I wasn’t going to fall for all the hype online! Well I folded one night and ordered the Burgundy palette and the eye brushes to see if they are as good as people say.

On first impressions, I was impressed with the quality of the packaging, it’s a nice handy size and is good and sturdy. It will definitely handle being thrown into the makeup bag. The palette doesn’t have a mirror which for me isn’t a deal breaker. I couldn’t wait to get swatching this palette the colours are beautiful definitely my cup of tea.

The palette has nine shadows, five  are matte and four shimmer. All shades swatched really nicely. The matte shadows have little to no fallout were as the shimmers have loads which I kind of expected. When applying the shimmers, I first used a damp brush but found this didn’t work very well, the shadows are definitely only meant to be used dry. The best way to apply the shimmers is with your fingers it’s the only way to get true colour payoff.


So do I think this palette is worth the hype? For me it’s a 100% yes, the shades are super pigmented, feel really soft and blend so so well. The palette costs $42 which converts to around €40. So not the cheapest palette in the world but totally worth the money.  


For the look I have on my eyes today I used six of the shadows. Using the large blending brush, I applied Beach in the crease messily and used as my transition colour and blending out colour, I then went in with Penny and concentrated this more in my crease area using the same blending brush.

With the smaller blending brush, I applied Burgundy to the inner and outer corner of my eyelid as wel as through the crease. I also done the same using LA with the same small blending brush.

I tried a damp brush to apply Dubai in the centre of my eyelid but this didn’t work out so in the end I used my ring finger to apply. I blended out the edged using the small blending brush that had Burgundy on it.

I used the small blending brush and applied Burgundy on the lower lash line and blending it using the large blending brush which I used for my crease area.

I kept blending with the large blending brush with no extra product added as well as with a clean blending brush.

To finish off I applied Naked to highlight my brow bone and inner corner.

For eyeliner I used Inglot gel liner 77 to line along my lash line and to line my top waterline. I then used and Urban Decay liquid liner in gold to line the inner corner on the top and bottom eye.

I added mascara and lashes to finish the whole look of….



I hope you like the look I created using the palette. I haven’t listed any products I used but if anyone wants to know just let me know and I will put together a list of products.

AnnMarie xx



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