My Top 5 Affordable Makeup Products


Hey guys,

Today I thought I would show you my five favourite affordable makeup products. It was so much harder than I thought to pick only five products. Are any of my favourites yours?


This is one of the best lower priced foundations I have tried. I have to admit I am definitely a snob when it comes to lower priced foundations, but this foundation has definitely made me think I should try some more! It is very comparable to MAC Pro Long wear foundation. Same texture and wear. It covers lots and lasts really well. I use the formula for combination/oily skin but they also have one for dry skin. It is priced at €18.99 but always on offer in boots. It claims to last 24 hours but that is something I’ve never tested but it is definitely long lasting. It has a low spf 6 in it which also means it photographs really nicely.




As you can see from my grubby bottle in the picture I am a real fan of this concealer. It has such nice coverage and is super easy to blend into the skin. The only thing I don’t like is the applicator, it is definitely dirty looking and to be honest it does put me off using it. If the packing changed it would be perfect.




This is one of my all-time favourite contouring products, it is the perfect shade for a natural contour but also builds up to a more intense contour. The highlight shade is crap and I never use it but the beautiful contour shade makes up for it. I always reach for this contour I love it so much. I 100% would recommend this product to everyone but only shade 2, shade 1 is a much warmer shade and personally I think it’s a little too warm to add shadows to the face. If you don’t own this product I insist you buy it right now!



These are some of the best blushes I have used. The pigment is amazing and blends into the skin like a dream. They are really long lasting, when I wear Sleek blushes I never have to top them up throughout the day whereas some of my more expensive ones wouldn’t be as long lasting. These are super cheap at €5.99 per single blush and €13.49 per trio palette. Definitely worth adding some to your collection.




Clearly I am a big fan of Maybelline products! These cream shadows are such a great product to own. They are so comparable to the MAC paint pots from texture, colours and lasting power. I own pretty much every colour. They are perfect as an eyeshadow base or are just as beautiful on their own for a quick and easy eye look. They can be applied with a finger or a brush depending on the look you are going for.


AnnMarie xx



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