My Top 5 Makeup Products From 2016

Wow it’s been awhile since I have sat down to blog, or should I say it’s been awhile since I’ve had time to blog. It’s been nearly a year since I have posted anything here on my blog. What’s happened in that year? I had another baby girl, I am now a mummy to two beautiful little girls under the age of two! I decided to leave my blog for a while because I was just too tired to concentrate on it, running after a toddler and being pregnant was much harder than I expected. But I was never too tired to buy makeup!

I thought what better way to ease myself back in to the blog than to go through my top 5 products from 2016. So here goes……



I can’t believe I waited so long to try this foundation, it gets so much love online and I can totally see why. It’s beautiful, it has light to medium coverage but is very buildable to a fuller coverage. It doesn’t cake or look like you have loads of product on your face. It gives the skin such a healthy looking glow. Since I bought this I haven’t picked up any of my other foundations since. I am in love with everything about this foundation it’s such an easy product to work with. Your skin looks flawless in photos; I am gutted I didn’t know this when I was getting married. I have oily skin and it still looks beautiful but I do need to set it with a setting powder. I apply this with a buffing brush and then I go over with my beauty sponge. This foundation is pricey at €45 but it’s definitely worth the price tag. If I ever pluck up the courage to start doing makeup as my job this will definitely be in my kit.



I only picked this liner up late last year but already it’s a keeper! I don’t think you can find a blacker longer lasting gel linger than this one. (If you know of one let me know!!) This liner doesn’t budge at all, even when I try to wash it off. I use in on my water line as well and it doesn’t budge or smudge. It’s so easy to work with, the texture is really smooth and creamy with plenty of time to work with but once it sets that’s it it’s not moving.



Another product I didn’t get until late last year but I have used these shadows so much since I bought them, I have barely reached for any of my other palettes since. I bought these shadows from Beauty Bay when they had a 30% off offer in October. I bought a Zpalette to fill up. I bought a mixture of mattes, shimmers, duo chrome and foiled. The shadows are so pigmented and easy to blend and work with. The foiled shadows are my favourite, the pigment of this texture will leave you open mouthed! The shadows are priced between €7.10 to €10.90 (prices change all the time on Beauty Bay)



Definitely my most worn lipstick of the year. I wear this lip during the day, dinners, weddings it goes with everything! Not much to say apart from I really love the colour and wear it all the time, I can also over draw my lips just a little with the lip liner without it looking like they are over drawn. To me this is the perfect lip colour.



This palette has its pros and cons. This is the first product I have used from Hourglass and have since bought a few more bits to try. The cons of this palette is the size of the pans, more so the bronzer. I don’t know about you but I like to use a big ass brush for my bronzer and could never get enough product from the pan to use. I have bought the full-sized since. (so maybe that’s why they are so teeny tiny!) The colours in this palette are perfect and are so wearable all year round. The pros of this palette is it’s perfect for your handbag, perfect to throw in rather than haven to take a few different compacts with you. I always have this in my handbag when I am out to top up my makeup.


AnnMarie xxx


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