Review: FREEDOM PRO HD Brow Palette

On one of my little walks (alone) around Super Drug I came across the Freedom stand and spotted this gem of a product. This is the Pro HD brow palette in Fair Medium, there is a second palette in Dark if this palette doesn’t run dark enough for you. The palette has 12 powders in six duo pans. The colours run from light to medium brown, it has a mixture of cool and warm tones which is perfect for all hair colours. It also has a really good sized mirror, an arch enhancing wax, highlighter, stencils and an angled brush. Everything is parcelled inside a sturdy black palette. First things first I would say is throw the brush away mine was broken and I think it’s a tad thick. The stencils are very rounded in shape so if you are looking for an on point arch these won’t help you. I personally don’t like using stencils but I know some people find them a huge help, so each to their own. These are my only negatives on this palette.


The powders themselves are incredible I tend to change my brows depending on the kind of make-up I am wearing and how badly my brows need to be groomed; this palette is perfect for people like me who end up using two or three different shades while doing brows. The pigment is really impressive. The shadow applies so nicely but just make sure to tap your brush before applying the product to the brows. I love dib dabbing between the colours in the palette while doing my brows, I can see this being the only brow palette I reach for now.

The highlight shade is very pink and definitely not my taste for highlights but it would make a stunning simple eye lid colour. The arch enhancing was is a peach colour with a tiny bit of coverage, I like to use a concealer under my brows.


Did I mention this beauty is only £10 stg or €13.89 on the Freedom website. This is incredible value for the product you are getting and for the quality you are getting. I will be for sure picking up the other palette to add to my collection. If you are a make-up artist you need to add these palettes to your kit, the packaging is pretty sturdy so they will with stand your kit.


I love coming across affordable products that are amazing, I think it really does show that you don’t always have to spend big to get big quality.

Here is the link for the brow palette. Link

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, I would love to hear your thoughts.

AnnMarie xxx




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