Look Fantastic February Box

Another month has passed which means another beauty subscription box!


Look Fantastic is a monthly subscription box and costs from €15.45 up to €20.45 depending on the subscription you choode. The amount is debited from your account every month for your subscription period. Here is the link to the website if you want to check it out.

How long does the box take to arrive to Ireland? My account was debited on the 2nd February and I received my box today 10th February.

This month’s box is of course pink with a gold heart across the front of the box, with their hashtag #LFLOVES. It has a cute little quote on the inside of the box ‘’Learn to treat yourself with love and respect, Happy girls are the prettiest don’t forget’’. Along with seven goodies inside the box I also received a copy of ELLE magazine. (Some reading for when baby heads to bed!)

So let’s have a look at what I got in my box this month………


This is a brand I always get excited seeing in subscription boxes. This brand is a popular choice with Glossybox. These oils are great for adding to your bath or massaging over the skin before a shower. The smell just takes over the room when you use it. You only need to use a little in the bath so the bottle will last you some time. I love the smell it smells incredible and is a must try after a stressful day. So for 100mls this costs €34.95 on the Look fantastic website. The size you receive in the box is 35mls. Link



This has a real sweet scent. This isn’t as thick as I expected but it melts into the skin so easily and leaves the skin super soft but not sticky, it really soaks into your skin. The smell does settle once massaged into your skin but does leave a scent behind. This scent isn’t on the website but a full size of another scent is €29.95.



This is a conditioner for weak, brittle hair that needs intervention. This I am not so excited about; I keep my hair short so by getting it cut regularly it keeps the ends in good condition. I have to admit I turned my nose up at the smell, it smells like glue! It is a good size to try 75mls which would give you a good go at trying it before buying the full size. The full size is 200mls and costs €19.45 on the Look Fantastic website. Link



To say I am excited about this product is an understatement. This is a four shade palette with a mirror and a brush. The brush isn’t the worst I think in a pinch it would do the job. This palette is catered for all. It has a light shade (ASH), a warm medium brown (SPICE), a medium cooler brown (MOCHA) and a dark almost black shade (CHARCOAL). The palette itself is a black sturdy palette but very hard to get opened. This brand isn’t on the website yet but is coming soon.



I think the colour is lab@671 but I’m not sure there isn’t a colour in the book. But the colour is just beautiful. The pigment is so beautiful and it applies so nicely, it is creamy and matte. Just a stunning colour. The colour is very similar not identical, to the Charlotte Tilbury BOND GIRL the pencil is a little more pink. The other colours on the website cost €13.45. Link

(Top – CT Bond Girl, Bottom L&B Pencil)


There isn’t really much to say about this apart from how cute? This is a small little brush perfect for throwing into any handbag. This product isn’t for sale on the website.


I was so happy with this month’s box. It has a really good variety of products; with plenty of products I will definitely use. Have you used any of these products? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading….

AnnMarie xxx



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