My January Look Fantastic Box

My January Look Fantastic box

Let’s talk a little about the Look Fantastic box, this is my first box from this company. It is a monthly subscription box, with subscription plans for one month, three months, six months and twelve months. Depending on the subscription package you choose depends on the price. Your subscription fee is debited from your card at the start of the month. Packages start at €20.45 for a one-month subscription to €15.45 for a twelve-month subscription. So let’s get onto what I got in this month’s box. A magazine also comes in the box with a description of all the products and other articles based around the theme of the box, the product description doesn’t tell you the full product size or price. Unlike the Glossybox you don’t get to tailor your box.

This month’s box was the Detox Edition. Inside I received six products.



This is a deep cleansing shampoo recommended to use one or twice a month to clear the hair and scalp from build-up product. This is like an exfoliator for our hair. I’m intrigued by this and will definitely give it a go the next time I wash my hair. Full size is 250mls and costs €18.95 on the Look Fantastic site. Link



This is a frizz control conditioner to add smoothness and shine. It is for use after the detox shampoo to put nourishment and hydration back into your hair. Full size is 250ml and costs €20.45 on the Look Fantastic site. Link



What a pretty colour this is, it will make a beautiful highlight during the summer over our bronzed cheeks. It will also be a beautiful colour on the lid for a simple eye look. Add a matte shade to the crease and this on the lid and you have a stunning simple make up look. This is a full sized product and cost €17.45. This colour isn’t for sale on the site. Link



I was a little confused what this product was at first. It is a treatment for before you cleanse. It’s a skin resurfacing treatment to remove dead skin cells to leave the skin glowing and well moisturised. I am really looking forward to trying this. It doesn’t say anywhere how often to use it from what I gather it is an extra step to your skincare routine. Full sized is 120mls and costs €80.45 so I am only hoping I don’t fall in love with this as it’s so expensive. Link



This is a night treatment cream which is an anti-aging night care to boost skin purification and cell renewal. I’m looking forward to this product, this is a brand I have heard about but never tried but be warned this is another pricey product at €64.45. Link



I love the sound of this product. A quick and easy cleansing water. Me personally I like a foaming cleanser to feel clean but when I am in a rush these are handy products to have in my collection. I think this will definitely go straight into my travel toiletries bay. Such a handy product for traveling. The sample size is 50ml which is a really good size to test. For 200ml of product it costs €33.95. again another expensive product. Link

I must admit when I opened my box I was in no way excited at all. I just opened it went through the stuff and put it down. But when I actually really looked at the products and read up about them there are a few I am really looking forward to trying. I really think I will use everything. I am really impressed with the brands that were in the box some really great brands that I probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Now I am excited for next month’s box.

I would love to know your thoughts on any of these products.

AnnMarie xxx


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