Top 5 under €10.00

I actually couldn’t believe how hard it was to pick my top five under €10 make-up products. I had ten picked out but I decided to cut it down to five otherwise it would be one very long blog post! These are some of my favourite make-up products.

  1. Essence Lip liner €1.29 – These are cheaper than chips! I love the Essence lip liners, they are really pigmented, easy to use and long lasting. IMG_0225
  2. Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks €6.99 – These are such great lipsticks; I would easily compare these to some of my more expensive lipsticks. Not only are they only €6.99 but they are regularly on offer in Boots. These are a must have, with great pigment, pretty packaging and they smell really nice! The collection has some really great colours and finishes to choose from.
  3. Sleek Blush €5.99 – These are my favourite blushes, they are one of the best blushes in my opinion. They last really well throughout the day. My blush collection consists mostly of these blushes. The packaging is really sturdy; they definitely look like a lot more expensive than they are.
  4. Maybelline Master Sculpt 02 €9.99 – This beauty even made it to my 2015 favourites. It is the perfect contour shade. I LOVE this product.
  5. NYX Eyebrow Gel €7.75 – If you want a long lasting brow you need to try this product. It is very long lasting. Not the easiest product to use but with the right brush and practice it is a great product for anyone who loves a defined brow.                          IMG_0283

I really hope you enjoyed my post, I would love to know your favourite products under €10?

AnnMarie xxx


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