Review: Collection #BlushandGlow palette

On one of my regular nose around looking for new bits, I came across this palette from Collection it is a bargain at just €6.99. The palette has four shades a bronzer, highlighter and two blushes. The bronzer is a beautiful matte shade, it isn’t to orange and really suits my lighter skin tone. The highlighter is a light shimmer champagne colour, this looks really glittery in the palette but is actually a really nice subtle glow. It’s a beautiful colour not to in your face, it would make a beautiful highlight for during the day. There are two blushes one is a matte natural pink shade (my favourite) it adds a really nice colour to your cheeks this shade is a great one to have in your collection it is the perfect colour to go with any make-up look really, its not to pink its not to peach, perfect for when you just want a little something on your cheeks. The second shade is a brighter pink shade; it is a shimmer finish but again like the highlight looks more glowy than glittery when on. This is a more pinched cheeks colour.


Since getting the palette I have been reaching for it so much, I have even been picking it instead of my beloved Urban Decay Flushed palette. It is a great palette to have in your collection and at €6.99, you can’t not buy it. The packaging is pretty crappy but the product inside the crappy packaging more than makes up for it.

I have really oily skin and find some bronzers and blushes to fade throughout the day. I am always so impressed when I go to take my make-up off at how well the colours have lasted throughout the day without any topups!

I am not going to lie I had very little faith in the product when I bought it but I love it, I am sure it will be in many more blogs throughout the year!


I really hope you enjoyed my wee review, I would love to know to hear your favourite budget beauty product.

AnnMarie xxx



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