Review: O WOW! Foundation Brush

This make-up brush really caught my attention. I ordered mine from CARA pharmacy online and it cost €29.99.

My first thoughts on the brush…

  • Super soft it really does feel like velvet; I could easily has sat stroking it all day when I received it.
  • The bristles are tightly packed.
  • The brush gives a flawless full coverage finish.
  • The brush doesn’t soak up all your product, which means you need to watch the amount of product you use.


The brush is a free standing brush with a cap to cover the bristles, perfect for keeping in your make-up bag. It was strange using the brush at the start but I wasn’t long getting used to it. It applied my foundation flawlessly, with no streak marks. I didn’t even need to used my sponge to go over my foundation, the brush blends really nicely and doesn’t leave any brush marks. The brush is a nice size with a tapered rounded top, to help fit under the eyes and around the nose. The first time I used the brush I used it to blend my concealer under my eyes, I used my normal amount of concealer but the brush doesn’t soak in any product so I ended up having to blend my concealer with my sponge.

The brush cleaned really nicely with my normal baby shampoo routine and dried really quickly.

I am really happy I bought this brush, it is a much welcomed brush to my collection.


I would love to hear what your thoughts are on the brush or what is your favourite foundation brush?


AnnMarie xxx



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