Benefit REAL cheeky party set

Welcome back…..

This is a perfect gift for any make-up lover. I tried to get my hands on this set last year but it sold out in no time, this year there seems to be plenty of stock with plenty of places stocking it.


I got mine in Boots, as soon as I seen it I snatched it right up. This retails at €43.00, in the set you get five cheek colours. Dandelion, Rockateur, Sugarbomb, Hoola and Coralista. You also get sample sizes of Watt’s up highlighter, they’re real push up liner and they’re real mascara. It all comes packed into a funky tin, but at the same time as cute as the packaging is it is a wee bit bulky. I think I will decant the pans into palettes, but I will keep the tin as its to cute to throw away. This set is so worth every penny; I know I am going to use this loads. You need to get your hands on this set as well as some of the others. Benefit’s Christmas sets are by far the best sets for money value. I know I will have some of the other sets on my Christmas wish list.


Below I have a few links for where you can buy the set.


Brown Thomas

Cara Pharmacy


AnnMarie xxx


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