Review – Eylure Fleur Loves lashes

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Hope you enjoy my review……

So the one thing I struggle with when it comes to make-up is false eye lashes. I have small, hooded eyes so always found lashes to be over powering for my eyes. So much so that I didn’t even wear false lashes on my wedding day!

So why am I doing a review on lashes you ask? Well I love the look of lashes and would love to have some to use for special occasions that aren’t crazy. I follow Fleur on YouTube and was really excited when I watched her video announcing these lashes, they looked perfect… When I originally tried to buy them they were sold out everywhere (not just me that loves them then so!!)…. To be honest I forgot about them until one day during one of my lovely strolls down the makeup aisles in Boots when I noticed them in stock and on a 3 for 2 offer. They jumped into my already full basket!! They cost €7.49 a set and come with glue. The lashes aren’t glued into the packet so no damaging the lashes when removing them. If you take care of the lashes you will get a few wears out of them.

I tried these for my autumn makeup look and I just love them. I am so glad I found these; they are a ¾ strip lash so they only add volume to the outer lash. This is perfect for me as I like to keep the inner corner of my eye bright, full lashes only make my eyes look smaller. These were super easy to apply I didn’t even need to use tweezers I managed with my fingers which is just perfect.

I will be stocking up on these beauties.


I would love to hear what lashes you guys would recommend…..

AnnMarie xxx


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