Have I found my HERO? (Brush)

Hi Guys

So today I want to talk about a new brush that claims to be a hero brush. One minute I’m rushing through the airport to catch a flight the next thing you know I am standing looking at the Ciara Daly brush range.


I’ve seen the My Hero Brush floating around Snapchat and was curious to try it. It has been hailed as the ultimate makeup brush.

So is it the ULTIMATE makeup brush?

The brush is a short handled large kabuki foundation brush. It is probably one of the largest foundation brushes I think I have used.

So you dot the foundation onto your face and blend in circular motion. It gives a really smooth and quick blend. A brilliant brush for bringing foundation down the neck and chest if needed. The blend this brush gives is so nice it leaves zero streak marks and gives a really even blend. I would easily say its one of the best foundation brushes I have used I’ve even ditched my beauty blender since getting it. It is available on the Ciara Daly website (Buy Here) and costs £25 stg. It is pricey but it is totally worth it I would even think of buying more and adding them to my brush kit.

Now of course I have a few cons with this brush…. It is impossible to clean, it takes time and patients to get every last bit of foundation out of it. It also wastes foundation but by doing this it also doesn’t apply to much product to your face so I can forgive that plus it is no worse than the beauty blender!

So the name is right it is defiantly The Hero Brush. As a busy mum of two little girls this brush cuts my makeup time down so much it is the quickest foundation brush around…

Do you have a hero brush? I’d love to hear…

AnnMarie xxx





Hi Guys I got the opportunity to work at The Wedding and Honeymoon show last weekend and wanted to share my experience with you.

(All the models ready for show time)   (Kristen my stunning model)

As part of my course with The Makeup Crew we get offered work experience. The Makeup Crew and their students do the makeup backstage at The Wedding and Honeymoon show. The show is on over two days with two fashion shows each day.

Back stage we had six models, the presenter (Andrea Hayes) and the two mother of the brides that get picked out for a makeover during the show.

On the Saturday I worked on a stunning model called Kristen. She was so nice and even though she doesn’t know it she kept me so calm and relaxed. After I finished up with my model I headed out to The Makeup Bars stand. Here I spoke to lots of future brides about their makeup and hair needs for their big day. From here I had the perfect view for the catwalk show, the show is such a fun energetic show. And of course I got to see the makeup I done in all its glory! To say I was delighted with how it turned out would be an understatement. I was so happy with myself that there and then I developed so much confidence in my makeup skill. Just before the next show kicked off it was time to head backstage and do the touch ups. This included some powder, a top up of blush and a lip top-up. I spent the rest of the day on the stand taking details from potential clients. It was great speaking to all the future brides and some grooms about their needs answering any beauty questions they had. You don’t realise until you start talking how much you actually know about beauty and makeup.

Sunday morning started the same I arrived at the RDS meet up with my makeup friends and got set up backstage. To my delight Kristen came and sat in my chair Sunday morning. I had so much fun just chatting to her and the other girls around us while applying her makeup. Today I got to do quite a few makeups to my delight. The next lovely lady to sit in my chair was Andrea Hayes she was the presenter of the show on the day. She is one of the most genuine women I have met I was quite nervous when i first started her makeup but I had nothing to be worried about she is such a lady. Once the show started I had another lady sit in my chair to get a quick face on she was heading out on stage to pick the lucky mother to receive a makeover. Then arrived in the beautiful mother of the bride. I got to experience having to work under pressure and needing to be quick. I really enjoyed being backstage during the show watching the hustle and the bustle of the models having to change quickly. The buzz was just infectious everyone one of us just went with the flow and really enjoyed the weekend.


(Pictures taken from the WED.IE Facebook page)

The experience was so great and really helped boost my confidence. As someone who suffers with anxiety I was so nervous the first morning heading up to the show but amazingly it just settled once I get that makeup brush in my hand. When I first trained five years ago I didn’t even dream about doing the show this time around I didn’t think twice about it.

(Pictures taken from the WED.IE Facebook page)

Guys if you ever get the opportunity to do this show or any other then do it, it was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence. Also the feeling of pride when you see the photos pop up on WED.IE Facebook page of your work is something else.

Festival Makeup

Hi Guys,

I wanted to share with you a festival look I created for my college portfolio. I am so happy with how the look turned out. I will list all the products that I have used to create this look and I will link as much as I can. I used Vaseline to adhere the glitters to my models skin but this makeup was done purely in the name of getting photographs, if you are looking to do something similar for a festival maybe try lash glue to help keep it in place all day. Buy like everything test the lash glue a couple of days before hand to ensure you don’t take a reaction (that’s the last thing you want heading to a festival!!). The gems are pre stuck for easy application but again I would probably apply the glue to make sure I get all day/night out of them.

Here is a list of all the products I used to create this look, I have also linked as many products as I can find links for.




Primer – Smashbox Primer Water (Buy Here)

Foundation – Inglot HD shade 72 (Buy Here) mixed with Cover FX drops shade Celestial (Buy Here)

Concealer – MAC Prolong Wear NW15 (Buy Here)

Powder – Laura Mercier Translucent (Buy Here)

Contour – KatVonD Shade Subconscious (Buy Here)

Highlight – MAC Soft Frost (Buy Here)


Powders – Anastasia Beverly Hills shade Dark Brown (Buy Here)

Gel – Stila Magnificent Metals Shade Diamond Dust (Buy Here)


Primer – MAC Pro Long Wear concealer shade NW15

Eyeshadow – MUD Bone (to set the base)

Makeup Geek Cupcake (in a winged out shape on the outer corner) (Buy Here)

Makeup Geek Fashion Addict (over the above colour)

Makeup Geek Whimsical (applied with a damp brush on the inner half of the eye) (Buy Here)

Eyeliner – Inglot white No 76 (to create wing) (Buy Here)

Stila Magnificent Metals Shade Diamond Dust (to go over white liner)

Inglot Black No 77 (very thin line on the inner lash line) (Buy Here)

Mascara – KIKO Extra Sculpt Volume (Buy Here)

Lashes – Pennies individuals (I applied around five on each eye)


Lip Liner – MAC Candy YumYum (Buy Here)

Lipstick – MAC Candy YumYum (Buy Here)

Highlighter – MAC Soft Frost (to top the lipstick)

Gems & Glitters

Rhinestone set – The Gypsy Shrine (Buy Here)

Glitters – The Gypsy Shrine Dark Unicorn (outer half of the under eye area) (Buy Here)

Festival Face Pink Champagne (on the inner half of the under eye area and used in the hair) (Buy Here)

I bought all my gems and glitters from Beauty Bay but they are all out of stock at the moment.

I hope you enjoyed this post and take some inspiration from it.

AnnMarie xxx

What I Received In My College Makeup Kit

Hi Guys, I’m back with a college update!

Today I want to share with you what I received in my college makeup kit.

So with module 2 with The Makeup Crew you receive a set of brushes and a makeup kit. Now you will of course need to add to this kit but let’s be real here you more than likely already have loads of makeup at home.

The makeup kit has the brands Revolution, JOKO, Sleek, MUD and Maybelline. The brushes are from Jessup.


So the brush set is pretty basic you will defiantly need more are you progress in the course but a good starter set. The brushes are nice and soft and wash well. I would recommend washing the brushes before you use them as they did have that glue smell which you normally find with cheaper brush sets. Once they are washed though they are great.

The majority of the makeup kit is from Revolution; the Revolution makeup came in a cute little gift box. So in the Revolution box I received the following….


Along with the Revolution kit I also received two MUD foundations in a light and dark shade. These foundations are super full coverage and easy to use. A JOKO eye shadow palette in the shade 301 Satin, a lip gloss in the shade 364 and a GLOW PRIMER ILLUMINATING 2IN1 shade 201 Love Yourself. Then to finish with we received two Maybelline lipsticks in the shades 210 OH LA LILAC and 620 BARE TO BE BOLD.


So the makeup kit is pretty good and a great wee kit for someone starting out. Since I am already doing makeup I have a professional kit already, so I will be doing a little give away on my Facebook soon. So keep an eye out on my Facebook (Click Here)

Hope you enjoyed guys, I will defiantly show you my professional kit soon once I figure out the best way to show you my products without having to upload 50 million photos!

Chat Soon AnnMarie xxx


How I Remove My Fake Tan

Hi Guys it has been a minute and a half since I last up dated my blog life has been busy busy…

Today I thought I would share with you all how I remove my fake tan, if you are like me and still need to wear fake tan during the summer then you need to try this miracle product I have discovered on one of my random walk arounds Boots. and that product is The Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser (Buy Here)

My skin can be pretty sensitive so I was a little worried using it at first, one thing I will say now is if you have any broken skin it will irritate it. I have eczema on my hands which can get very red and a little sore after applying the product but it doesn’t cause it to get any worse I just make sure to apply loads of cream afterwards.


So what you need

  • Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser
  • Tan Eraser Mitt
  • Face Clothe

How I Remove My Tan

  • Apply the tan eraser everywhere you need to scrub your tan off
  • Apply a generous layer
  • Turn on a YouTube video and stand awkwardly in your bathroom naked!
  • I tend to leave it on for around ten minutes
  • After ten minutes I use a wet tan eraser mitt and gently rub in circular motions to life some of the tan. I don’t rub the skin too hard as I find the mitt very rough and it can make my skin very red
  • I then get into the shower with a face cloth and rub the rest of my tan off. Again in circular motions. I don’t stand directly under the shower (I don’t want to wash all the product away before I rub it off) until I can wash the whole tan off with my face cloth
  • Then have your shower as normal!




Afterwards your skin is completely tan free and ready for your next application. This is also a great body exfoliation; your skin will feel so smooth afterwards.

I have already gone through a full bottle of this and have a new bottle ready to go.


I would love to hear about your favourite tans and how you remove yours?

Talk soon guys AnnMarie xxx

My Makeup Retraining Journey Part 1

Hi Guys

I am now on week 4 with The Makeup Crew, the course is 16 weeks long so we are moving through rightly.

So the dress code for the college is all black with no colour. We received t-shirts and hoodies to wear as well which have the college logo on them. I am not an all-black clothes person so ended up having an online shopping session to add black bits to my wardrobe. It actually feels nice making an effort during the week, with two small babies I normally end up in jeans, a tshirt and trainers and if im lucky they don’t have little paw prints!

Week 1 was nothing to exciting on the Tuesday we just had our induction so we went through what to expect throughout the course. We received our dates for our photoshoot and exams as well. We were given a look book with different looks to wear every week, so from week 3 the looks started.

On the Wednesday again wasn’t anything too major we didn’t do any makeup this week it was more about easing us in and again just talking about what to expect and getting to know all the lovely girls. We chatted about fashion and how fashion and makeup go together, about how different trends come and go. Then after lunch we moved onto mood boards, these are boards of inspiration that we need to create for our finial portfolio.


To finish of the class we had a demo of a double cleanse routine and then had to practice on each other. Which needs to be perfected over the next few weeks, it is part of our practical exams and needs to be completed in seven minutes!

Week 2 was a bust I ended up in my bed sick so sadly had to miss out on all the makeup fun 😦


Week 3 Tuesday started with a small exam on the skin and I was not at all prepared for it, I had the notes on my phone but just couldn’t process the information after missing the class the week before. But that’s ok because at least it will help me push myself a little harder the next time. We spent the morning going through skin care ingredients and how to choose the right product for different skin types. We finished the morning session with a double cleanse and a skin analyse. Which went great. I feel really comfortable doing the cleanse now so I just need to speed up now!

In the afternoon the tutor done a demonstration for a smoky eye and then we get to practice on each other while Lauren the tutor goes around helping, giving advice on how to improve our skills.

Wednesday started off with a demonstration on how to apply the perfect red lip, so Annie gave us loads of tips and tricks to use on our clients to create a really Sharpe lip line. We then paired up and had a go oursleves. We then moved onto theory and went through the different decades of makeup. So much information to take in in such a short period of time. I’m so glad I own the book Annie was reading from because I honestly don’t think I would be able to read back on my messy notes.

In the afternoon we concentrated on face charts, face charts are used to plan out a look, planning what products to use, what colours to put together. These are used back stage at fashion shows normally created by the head makeup artist so that everyone knows exatly what to do and what products to use. Again we need a face chart for each look in our finial portfolio. Face charts are so much harder than they look, I still struggle with them and I’ve done them before for my old portfolio. But practice makes perfect! To finish off we once again done a cleanse on each other.


Oh I also received my kit this week so I will defiantly have that up really soon. I also want to do a post on what I actually use in my professional kit.

I’m really glad I made the decision to retrain I am enjoying it so much this time compared to the first time round, the people are just amazing and so talented. I’m looking forward to seeing the end result for us all.

Next week I hope I actually have some beautiful faces to show you guys as of yet I still haven’t got to paint a face in class yet but this week is the week. I HOPE!

Thanks for reading guys talk soon x

AnnMarie xxx



Why I have decided to retrain in Makeup….

Hi Guys,

So I have decided to go back to college and retrain in makeup.

I trained five years ago with The Makeup Crew in Dublin. When I first started training I hadn’t a clue, I originally trained as an add on service for when I was doing nails. But once I got started a fire was lit. And now I’m an addict! I fell in love with makeup so much so I haven’t done a set of nails in years. When I started with The Makeup Crew I had a tiny little makeup bag with about six products inside it, now I have a room in my house dedicated to my makeup collection. My passion is makeup, I love how it gives me confidence and how I can be creative with makeup.

First time around my confidence and anxiety got in my way a lot. I didn’t get stuck in the way I wanted to and feel I let myself miss out on a lot during the classes. I really want to let myself make the most of the course this time around and really enjoy the experience. I want to ask all the questions I have this time round rather than being super quite and afraid of sounding stupid. I need to keep reminding myself that there is no such thing as a stupid question.

So in the five years since I trained a lot has happened, I’ve gotten married, moved house, had two beautiful little girls, started my blog, my Facebook page, Snapchat and made the huge decision not to go back to my job that I have done for twelve years. I have finally gotten the guts to make the decision to make makeup my career. My passion is makeup, I love everything about makeup. I spend all my spare time researching makeup trends, techniques and new products.

So why am I going back? I have so many reasons why…..

  • To help my confidence
  • To sharpen my skills
  • To make friends in the makeup world
  • To gain more experience
  • To sit my ITEC exam

I am heading back to retrain with The Makeup Crew, I wouldn’t dream of training anywhere else. The girls have been great over the years, even after five years of training they always recognise me and help with any questions I have had over the years. I even had the girls do my makeup on my wedding day. The trainers are very active in the industry and stay up to date with trends. All the girls are still actively working at makeup artists so are teaching from a makeup artists point of view. They are very active on Snapchat and Instagram.

It will be tough going to try and fit everything in, I will be in college every Tuesday and Wednesday for sixteen weeks and then I will have my exams. During the sixteen weeks I will also get to do a professional photoshoot to create my portfolio. I will also get the chance to do some work experience, I hope to fit in as much as I possibly can around the kids. We will have masterclasses with brands like Inglot and Makeup Forever.

I’m really excited and nervous for the next step in my makeup career and life. I hope to share as much of my journey here as possible. I can’t wait to get started.

If you want to follow my journey on my other social media platforms I have left my links below….

Snapchat: turbetbeauty (username)

Instagram: turbetbeauty

Facebook: Turbet Beauty

If you want to follow some of The Makeup Crew ladies here are some of their links

Instagram                    Facebook                    Website




Can’t wait to share my journey with you all

AnnMarie xxx